Age of Consent in South Africa

Escorts Cape Town provide adult female companions from the age of 18 years. This is the minimum age for escorting to restaurants, bars, clubs or anywhere else adults spend time, as alcohol and cigarettes may not be sold to minors in South Africa.

Escort Girls

We provide can provide a variety of attractive adult escorts of a variety of ages from a sexy Escort girl


We understand the desire for a MILF only too well. Hence we are happy to arrange a meeting with one.

Mature Escort

Mature women are attractive as hell. They have coined the term naughty forties for a reason. Attractive, mature women usually know what they want. We are happy to arrange a meeting with a mature escort.


Please note, that we do not have minors or teenagers, who are not of legal age, in our escort directory or on our team. There is no benefit to contacting us, as we will not provide service to you.

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