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Why Become An Escort

Become an escort because you want to have fun, seek adventure and want to make lots of money. Forget cheap Tinder dates. Escort agency jobs pay for your time, while you are having fun, doing what you enjoy. If you are an attractive female, you may want to consider escorting. We are recruiting, in spite of the business being very seasonal in the Mother City. Escorting can be a primary job, but in practice it is part-time for most ladies. Nonetheless you can earn more money than most people make with a 9-to-5 job. Needless to say, an escort job will also be more exciting and fun. Interested in escort jobs for women? Continue reading to the end...

Requirements To Become An Escort

Men are visual creatures. First impressions are important. In order to become an escort on our team, you need to be attractive.


We only manage biological females. In other words someone with two (2) X chromosomes. We do not represent biological males, transgender, queer or any other non-biological female. This is a matter of our personal preference, our lifestyle, the market and the demographic our agency serves. If you do not meet our narrow criteria, don't give up. You can find other agency jobs. Without a doubt, there is an agency who will be thrilled to represent you. Where do you find one? Google is your friend.


We prefer taller ladies with a height of 1.70 m or more. We may make an exception for an unusually attractive lady.

Physical Shape

We know that "thick" women are desirable in many parts of South Africa, but we are typically looking for physically active women with a model body. Being an escort is fun, but also hard work.


This is one of the few areas where we think more is more. We repeat, that men come to us to meet their fantasies. All else being equal, a big busted woman can expect more inquiries than a flat chested woman. 


We like tats, but we also need to be realistic. A limited number of tattoo models are very successful. In modelling, the rule about tattoos is: Less is more! The more successful you would like to be, the less you should have. Inconspicuous and discrete placement of tattoos are advantageous. Photographer Joe Edelmann wrote the article Modeling with tattoos - Is it even an option. Take a look and consider taking advice from a professional fashion photograper. In politically correct times, Joel dares to state what other industry professionals think.


We are open to any race and nationality. Keep in mind, that clients come to us to realize their fantasy. In other words, the grass is always greener on the other side. Or they want what they typically can't have. Our clients seek the unusual — not the common.

Dress Code

Clothes Make The Person

You should be well-dressed, as that is the first impression you will make. Invest in clothes and shoes, not drugs and alcohol.


We are open for kink and fetish. They may set you apart and give you a USP — a Unique Selling Point.


If you would like to be an escort, you should be intelligent, eloquent and have emotional intelligence.

We also find the ability to listen, instead of the need to speak, a very important attribute. Luckily, this is something you can train.

Here is some practical advice for anyone entering the companionship industry.

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How To Become An Escort

Start the process by telling us a little about yourself. Click the 'Start you Escort Application Process!' button below to get escort agency jobs.

Please answer all questions honestly. An application without pictures, cannot be processed. Every picture should be recent and show you clearly. We need to see your face, including your eyes. Sunglasses defeat the purpose and show us that you cannot follow instructions. Do not send blurred images, masked faces or silly filters.

Keep in mind that we get many inquiries. The job is popular, in particular in the current state of the economy. Your application should stand out, if you would like to be represented by our agency. This means that you should make an effort in selecting your pictures, and describing yourself in particular. Only writing that you need money will not impress anyone. Instead, tell us why you want to be an escort. In other words, we want to know why you should be selected to be one of the few, who we would like to represent and manage.

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If your application appeals to our team, we will invite you for a personal interview. If you live in another city, and would like to move to the Mother City, you will have to make the effort to come here to meet with us. We will not represent anyone, whom we have not met in person.

If you make it through the personal interview, we like to see an individual in a social environment, like a party. This shows us your true social skills. We will see if you can handle yourself in a crowd. We also verify that you can resist or handle the free alcohol. Consider this escort boot camp.

If we like what we see, you will be asked to join our team. This will be your start with lucrative female escort jobs.

More info first

If you have questions about becoming an exclusive escort, the process or would like to know more about us, call ‭074 666 6969‬‬‬ or email