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Become An Escort

Join our escort service and become an escort in Cape Town. Make money. And we mean lot's of it. Visit beautiful restaurants, hotels and luxurious private residences. Enjoy exquisite dining, fine wine and cocktails. Indulge in parties and have a great time.

Get paid for your time, doing what you enjoy. Forget the cheap Tinder dates!

Our team is looking for attractive ladies

Men are visual creatures. First impressions are important. If you would like to be one of our escorts, you need to be attractive.


In general we prefer taller ladies with a height of 1.70m or more.

Physical Shape

We know that "thick" women are desired in many parts of South Africa. We are generally looking for physically active women with a model body.

Dress Code

Clothes Make The Person

You should be well dressed, as that is the first impression you will make.


If you would like to become an escort, you should be intelligent, eloquent and have emotional intelligence.

We also find the ability to listen, instead of the need to speak, a very important attribute. Luckily, this is something you can train.

Become Escort

Become an escort by telling us a little about yourself. Click the 'Click Here To Apply!' button found below or enter in a web browser.

Please answer all questions honestly. Applications without pictures cannot be considered. Pictures should be recent and show you clearly. We need to see your face clearly, including your eyes. Please refrain from sending blurred images, masked faces or silly filters.

Alternatively, call ‭+27 (74)‭ 666 6969‬‬‬ or email