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Advice For New Escorts

advice from an escort

We are frequently asked by aspiring escorts for advice, the do's and don't. Here are some thoughts we would like to share:

Escort Agency or Independent

Anyone entering this lucrative profession will have to make this choice, so we will start with this question. Would you like to become an independent escort or would your prefer to be represented by an agency? As always in life, each option has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them:

Independent Escort

As the name implies, an independent escort is independent — or on her own. She does not answer to anybody and does not split her income. She also has to do her own marketing, does not have a support network and usually no security to protect her from clients who try to take advantage of her. The last point is important in South Africa, as clients know that a working girl has difficulties filing charges against a client.

If you would like to be independent, we suggest you select an escort directory and study the profiles of other girls. Once you see what their descriptions and pictures are like, you can create you own profile. If you are attractive, write a good description, upload good photos and have reasonable prices you can expect your first calls very quickly

Agency Escort

An agency escort is part of a team, which often works together. Among other things, the agency does the marketing, arranges transport and takes payment from the client. Some agencies provide a chauffeur service. Some even provide a security service (We do). The agency also filters the many rude phone calls, silly questions, dick pics, and attempts at video calls. The agency is a firewall which protects the identity of the escort

For these services, the agency takes a commission. The international standard is that the income from the client is split evenly. In other words, the escort receives 50% of what is billed by the agency to the client. In the case of Escorts Cape Town, the agency also covers the 3% credit card processing fee deducted for credit card payments. If a third party makes the introduction to the client, the escort agency pays a 10% commission to this third party. An example for this would be an agency in another city, which requests service on behalf of one of their clients.


If you would like to work for an escort agency in Cape Town, please review our becoming an escort page. At the bottom of the page you will find a button, which will allows you to send your confidential application to the agency. If you meet the selection criteria, you will be asked for a personal interview. This would be the second step of your journey to an exciting lifestyle.

If you think you have what it takes to be an international escort, get in touch with our colleagues at the BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE.

General Advice

If you are thinking about this profession, even more so if it is only temporary, please give the following recommendations some thought:

Stage Name

Do not work under your real name. Think of a stage name which sounds fun, happy and most importantly which suits you. Get used to this name, so you respond when someone speaks out this name.

Mobile Phone

Get a second mobile phone. Use a prepaid SIM card for this phone. Do not register the SIM Card in your name. Give this work number to clients. Do not give your private phone number to any client!

Train answering your work phone with your stage name.

Social Media

Do not share your your social media profiles with clients.

Private Life

Keep your private life to yourself, unless you want clients invading it. Our agency never gives out information. You need to do your part, to keep your life private.


Don't let clients take pictures of you or with you. Pictures have the tendency to live a life of their own. If they are uploaded to social media, they may even outlive you.


Clients will ask you to have fun bareback — sex without a condom. Some will offer to pay more. Don't be stupid. Protect you health. Always wear a condom!

Don't expect a client to have condoms. Always bring your own condoms.


If you are not working for an agency who handles the payment, you have the difficult task of asking the client for payment. Payment should always be upfront, at the time of arrival. If the client is being difficult, or wants to pay at the end, be polite and leave immediately. You are wasting your time. You probably will not get paid at the end, or less than agreed upon.


If you are loyal to your agent, your agent will be loyal to you. Don't expect a one-way street.


We hope this gives you an idea on how to become an escort and what to look out for. We believe your safety is key. If you have a question, please contact us.

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Would you recommend a dual SIM phone?

In reply to by Lisa (not verified)

No, we recommend against a dual SIM phone. The risk of mixing professional and private calls or chat conversations is too big!

We recommend getting an iPhone which automatically backs up your contacts and conversations to iCloud.

You may want to consider doing sensual massages as intermediate step before becoming an escort. It pays less, but you also do less. If you find that appealing, please take a look at

I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I'm quite sure I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

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