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The Demographics of Escorts in Cape Town

The Demographics of Cape Town

According to, the ethnic and racial composition of our city is as follows:

  • 42.4% "Coloured"
  • 38.6% "Black African"
  • 15.7% "White"
  • 1.4% "Asian or Indian"
  • 1.9% other


Escorts in Cape Town

Escorts in Cape Town have a similar demographic composition. Therefore, an Asian escort is more rare than a white escort, who in turn is more rare than a black African or coloured escort.

The Impact on Prices

Luxury companionship is fulfilling a fantasy, spending time with the unattainable. Accordingly, the price of companionship in Cape Town is determined by race, beauty, physical attributes and desirability. The economic model of supply and demand is most definitely applicable.

  • Interestingly, we have distinct demographics on the client side as well. For example, many European Caucasian clients want to spend time with black women, as they are considered exotic by them. This will be the case as long as the number of African refugees in Europe are relatively low.
  • This demand is much lower for Caucasian African men, as black escorts are not exotic for them.
  • In contrast, there is a large demand for blonde Caucasian escorts by black African men.

The above examples show how much different client demographics may be willing to pay for escorts of a given demographic.


The best escorts don't come cheap.

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