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An Escort Friendly Hotel In Cape Town

Escort friendly hotel

Escort Hotel

Most hotels are not escort friendly. In other words, management finds escorts in their hotel undesirable...

If you are looking for an escort friendly hotel, we highly recommend the EPICURE CLUB in the Cape Town suburb Hout Bay. This sexy hotel caters to the alternative lifestyle. Numerous adult events like sex parties are hosted there. The hotel management has been very accommodating to our escort girls, and the service of their staff is simply brilliant. If you are looking for a hotel escort, you can meet one of our beautiful ladies there.

This elegant design hotel is close to many restaurants, including La Colombe, the best rated restaurant in South Africa.

The EPICURE team will be happy to provide you with a nice bottle of red wine and two glasses, so you can enjoy a romantic sundowner on scenic Chapman's Peak Drive.

If you are seeking escort friendly hotels in Cape Town, stay at the EPICURE CLUB. Contact +27 74 878 0000 to make a booking and let them know ESCORTS CAPE TOWN recommended them.

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Cool location with a very steep driveway. The Uber driver did not want to drive up.

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My partner and I booked there for a sensual massage. Another couple arrived to have a threesome. We were so intrigued that we waited to speak to them. They searched for male sex escorts in Cape Town, and asked him to meet them at the hotel. Imagine our surprise...

The staff was open minded and very cheerful. It seemed like the most natural thing on earth to them, even though it was all very new and exciting to us.

Very important to me: The place is very clean. Highly recommended. We will book a weekend in the summer!

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In reply to by Michelle (not verified)

Thank you for leaving a review, Michelle.

EPICURE is not just a great location if you are looking for an escort in Hout Bay. We think the club will become a legend in Cape Town and beyond. There is nothing quite like it in South Africa.

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There are few escort friendly hotels in Cape Town. The country is still very conservative.

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I love it. I plan to go with my wife

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There are few escort hotels in Cape Town. This is definitely the nicest one!

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