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Escorts Cape Town has rebranded

rebranding escorts cape town

We would like to let you know that Escorts Cape Town has rebranded.

When we started off years ago, we thought a local domain would be helpful in clarifying in which geographic area we provide our exclusive service. Over time, we found that there is little benefit to the domain name but several disadvantages.

From personal conversation we learned that many clients had difficulty with the concept of a dot capetown domain. They expected dot or dot com, but never heard of dot capetown. In a personal conversation we are able to explain it and provide a business card with the URL, but this does not happen with word of mouth recommendations.

From a search engine perspective, we learned that our original domain name was not considered a top level domain, but only a subdomain. The logic of this escapes us, but we were in no position to change this. After ample consideration, we have decided to change. We believe one should learn from experience and implement changes, even if they initially prove to be painful.

We have therefore decided to change our domain name from to

We are only changing the domain name. The change should be invisible to you, as all traffic is redirected from old to new. You will have the same team, at the same location, continuing to provide lovely escort girls and a premium VIP service. Please contact us if you have any questions.


We look forward to serving you for years to come!


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After a month of expected challenges and hard work, we are pleased to report that we are happy with having made the change!

We can also advise that you should choose your domain name wisely

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