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Going Out Safely

Cape Town is a beautiful city. Unfortuntely, it is not one of the safest cities in the world. Going out safely in Cape Town is a challenge, but not impossible.

We do not send our escorts on their own to an outcall. Instead, we have a bodyguard take them, wait for them, and bring them back. You should consider such a service when going out in Cape Town. You can get a dedicated driver to

  • Pick you up
  • Escort you for the evening
  • Bring you safely to the restaurants and bars
  • Prevent that you are roofied
  • Make sure that you are not mugged or robbed
  • Intervene in potential conflicts
  • Return you safely to your hotel or residence


Last but not least, you create an image when you go out with security. Try it, you will like it!


If you would like to go out with peace of mind, contact or call them at ‭084‭ 021 4444

Comments ( 2 )

Interesting service. What are the costs?

In reply to by Harry (not verified)

Good morning Harry,

Please contact Executive Service and discuss your needs with them. In our opinion, the costs are very reasonable for what you get. The losses of getting robbed might be replaced by your insurance. The mental anguish of being powerless when robbed will last a lifetime.

Keep in mind that your partner's respect for you will drop, if you were not able to protect her.

Have fun. Stay safe!

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