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How To Boost Your Immune System against Coronavirus

Statistical Fact: The vast majority of the people dying from the CCP Virus (Wuhan Coronavirus) around the world have Diabetes.

Our team, who are big fans of Intermittent Fasting, came across this interesting video from nutritionist Dr. Mindy Pelz on YouTube. Once we "processed" the content, we were amazed by the logic, which should be obvious to anyone.

In essence, our immune system is activated or enhanced when our body has low Insulin and Glycogen levels. A regular Intermittent Fast (16-hours without food) achieves this objective. A number of our team members are on this diet to stay lean, lose weight and increase our HGH. So far so good...

What was new to us, is that there are two additional levels of fasting:

  • Autophagy Fasting (from 17 hours) starts a cell self-repair program and clean up
  • Dinner to Dinner Fasting (24 hours) regenerates stem cells in the intestinal tract and lymphatic system


Eighty to ninety percent of your immune system comes from your gut. In addition, the majority of your lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing waste from your cells, is located in your gut.

In summary, you will lose weight, boost your Human Growth Hormone and turbocharge your immune system by going on a 24 hours fast.

Why have we added this post on our escort blog?

Simple. We want our girls, clients, friends and everyone around us to feel their best and be safe in these trying times!


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This was a public service announcement by...


We know that Oscar Wilde said that sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence but the lowest form of wit. Nonetheless, it is sad to see that people don't have anything positive to say in these difficult times!

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