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How To Find An Escort?

You have to choose between an independent escort and an escort agency. Independent escorts typically advertise in escort directories and the classified section of your local newspaper, whereas an agency escort can be found on their agency's website.

Find An Escort nearby

The classified section of your local newspaper will probably list companionship services, even if they are not legal in your jurisdiction. The wording may be a bit more ambiguous, but if you use a bit of common sense you will understand what is being offered.

If you are staying in a hotel, a good bet for advice is the concierge or doorman. Even if their hotel does not appreciate working girls, they will know most of the sex workers that frequent their hotel. They may even have feedback on which ladies other guests have enjoyed. If their suggestion did not make you happy, don't kill the messenger. Remain graceful and don't forget to give them a tip!

Word of mouth is generally a great way to give or get a referral, but in our experience few men exchange information about th working girls they frequent. Believe it or not, men get posessive about the escorts they see.

That leaves the escort directories as an option for finding an independent escort. You can find one of these directories simply by typing "escorts" into the search bar of your web browser. An escort directory is a marketing platform. An escort pays a monthly fee to advertise herself on that platform. She writes her own description, fills in her stats and services and uploads her pictures. The offices of the directory are probably located hundreds of kilometers from the escort, so they never meet any of advertisers. As they have never met the lady, they are unable to judge if the information is accurate. If anything goes wrong on your "date", the escort directory cannot help you. The staff at their customer service number may listen to your complaint, but they cannot help you, as you legally contracted directly with the independent escort. The marketing platform has no responsibility.

Escort Agency

If you expect a great service and are willing to pay accordingly, consider an escort agency. You can find escort agencies by typing "escort agency" into the search bar of your web browser. If you type "escort agency your city" (replace your city with the one you are in) into the search bar, your search engine will present you with local escort agencies.

One can have lengthy discussions about the pro's and con's of getting escort service from an agency. Ultimately, they boil down to better service, less risk but a higher price.

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Keep the following in mind: Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

Thank you for the practical advice!

I made a deposit to an independent lady by ewallet. When she arrived, she did not look like her pictures. I had the choice of loosing my money or accepting what was offered. Next time I will give you a call.

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