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Is The Girlfriend Experience Prostitution?

The BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE is an organization that is specialized in this sort of dating. They arrange dates for a weekend, a business trip or a small vacation. ESCORTS CAPE TOWN is a subsidiary of the BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE, so we provide this sopecialty service as well. Please see for more information.

When you refer to the girlfriend experience in the form of dating, it is not prostitution, as someone's time is being sold. If you are referring to a one or two hour transaction which is purely sexual, but includes kissing on the mouth and oral sex, then the authorities will probably classify this as prostitution.

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How do you convince the Police of your argument?


It is very unlikely that a high net worth client enjoying a girlfriend experience engagement will be arrested. An agency like BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE will have all the paperwork to document that it is not a sex for money engagement.

If you get arrested with an independent escort, the situation will probably be different: You won't have documentation like an invoice or EFT or a lawyer on standby.


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