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Today is Mistress Day

don't forget the cape town escorts on mistress day!

The 13th of February is Mistress Day around the world. In South Africa too!

According to the Urban Dictionary

Mistress Day gifts are typically always jewellery and lingerie, while Valentine's Day gifts are chocolate and teddy bears.

For the ladies reading this we have a question: Based on the gifts, would you rather be the Mistress or the Valentine?

And our request for the men: Please don't forget to do something special with the Cape Town Escorts who never nag, but always put a smile on your face.

Comments ( 4 )

Which one?

Definitely Mistress. I am out of the teddy bear age. And chocolate does not work with my fitness regimen!

Every day is mistress day!

In reply to by Minx

Who are we to disagree?


We had dinner on Valentine's Day and then celebrated the holiday properly. I got sexy lingerie...

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