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Safety Tips for Escorts CT

Safety in Cape Town

Safety is a primary concern in South Africa. Cape Town is no exception, even though you may not feel like you are in South Africa. The metropolitan feel easily provides a false sense of security.

Tourists, guests and locals should be aware of potential problems. Needless to say, this also applies to escorts. When beauty and companionship are involved, large amounts of money are at stake. Get careless and you will loose your money, get hurt or get killed. Please keep in mind that the annual murder statistic for South Africa is around 35,000 victims per year. This number has earned South Africa a spot in the Top 10 of the global murder statistic nearly every year since the end of Apartheid.

One additional incident will neither move the statistic nor make the news. Use your common sense, follow our tips and be safe!

Safety Tips

  • If you want to spend time with a luxury companion, attempt to have an incall at a known club or location. Find a venue with a good reputation.
  • If an incall at a reputable venue is not possible, attempt to have an outcall to your hotel. Hotel management may not approve, but they know the realities of the hospitality industry. They will make an effort to protect one of their guests. They will not hesitate to call the Police if needed.
  • This leads to an important point: Sex for sale is not legal in South Africa. Both parties can and will be arrested. The sex worker does not have much to lose. What do you have to lose in case of an arrest?
  • Do not pick up women in notorious areas like Long Street, Loop Street or Voortrekker Road. You would be dealing with the bottom of the pyramid, where drug use and sexually transmitted diseases are a given. You get what you pay for. 
  • Be careful booking an independent escort and meeting her at her apartment. Her pimp may await you and take posession of your wallet, passport and mobile phone. Your cash will be gone, credit cards maxed out, bank account emptied and ID or drivers license sold. As a result, you may have some explaining to do when you get home. This is the opposite of fun and discreet.
  • It should be common sense that you only have sex with protection, but numerous clients ask for and offer to pay extra for bareback sex. Don't be stupid. Don't earn a souvenir that will keep on giving.
  • If you want to have a night on the town, book a security service like PPA or They can guide you through the different restaurants, bars and clubs and most importantly prevent you from getting mugged, drugged or raped. Your money will be well spent.


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Thank you. Very helpful when you are new in Cape Town.

Greetings from Munich

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