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Ultimate Cape Town Nightlife Guide

What Is On In Cape Town?

Cape Town nightlife has always been very dynamic. COVID has changed the scene, though. Popular hot spots, which we all frequented, have disappeared. Instead, other locations have sprung up.

What Is On?

We have decided to take a different approach. Instead of listing cool locations, we would like to share our favorite locations by weekday:


Monday night is generally quiet in Cape Town - an ideal night for the Mavericks gentlemen club. It will not be as busy as normal, yet all the talent will be present. What more can you wish for?


Definitely Asoka in Kloof Street, where you will find live jazz until 10pm and then a DJ who rocks the crowd until 2am. We recommend that you book a table in a timely manner. Bottle service is mandatory for a table.


Wednesday is a difficult night in Cape Town. Very little is going on.


Keep in mind that the first Thursday of the month is the infamous "First Thursday" - a special night in Cape Town. Most of the galleries, bars and restaurants are open late in the area of Bree Stree and Kloof Street. Don't miss it.

Our favorite location is Duchess of Wisbeach in Sea Point.


Harrington's is a classic to have drinks and enjoy dancing. This venue has a nice age spectrum. You find a young crowd all the way to mature adults who are willing to part with their money.

LA Lounge in Sea Point is also a fun location.


You have a number of possibilities, as all clubs are open on Saturday. Saturday is the primary party night, so you have many options. Zsa Zsa is a great option for dinner, drinks and partying. This restaurant is small, but we love the music and the vibe.

When most of the bars and clubs are closing, Mavericks is a great choice for late night entertainment. They close at 4am.

If you want to have really naughty fun, you should try to attend one of the parties at the Epicure Club. Depending on the lifestyle party you attend, you will find sexy singles, couples, swingers, masseuses and high class escorts. Their parties are very sexy and run into sunrise. You can get a suite there, if you can't find your way home.


Our favorite location is La Parada Constantia Nek from about 5pm to 10pm. Then we frequent Cafe Caprice in Camps Bay, which is open to 2am. Both locations have great music and a fabulous vibe. We think this is Cape Town at it's best!

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