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Why Do Our Escorts have a 2-Hour Minimum Booking?

our escorts have a two hour minimum booking

Why don't we offer a 1-hour booking?

We could tell you that most beautiful ladies take more time than an hour to bathe, do their hair, apply their make up and get dressed. When you add the typical travel time in Cape Town, the combination would easily exceed an hour spent with a client.

The real reason is that our escorts are luxury companions. They are not your common sex escorts, who seek quantity over quality. Our ladies typically have 9 to 5 jobs. They seek adventure, fun and extra income. They want to get to know the gentleman and feel comfortable. They crave passion and therefore want some foreplay. If you last longer than 5 minutes, all of these things do not fit into a one hour booking.

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Don't you lose a lot of bookings with this minimum?

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