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Maximizing Discretion And Privacy

If you value your privacy, and would like to engage an escort, we have some battle tested advice:

Do not give the escort your phone number

Do not share your social media profiles

Needless to say, asking the escort for her infomation is no better from a privacy perspctive. Believe us, when we tell you that young girls check all the time who has looked at their social media profiles. Expect these ladies to be more competent at social media than you will ever be. A beautiful girl typically also has lots of male friends who are only too happy to research you or hack into your social media profiles.

In 1697 the English playwright William Congreve wrote the tragic play "The Mourning Bride". The most famous line in the play reads:

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

The following saying has been made out of it, which is just a bit less poetic:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

We think you get the point. What has changed over the generations, is how crafty women have become in the last fifty years with the advent of modern technology, telephone's and the internet.


Our point of course is that if you engage an escort, keep your private information private:

  • Don't share your surname
  • Most of the girls use a stage name. You should consider using an alias, or false name.
  • Don't let the escort see the name on your credit card when you pay in a restaurant.
  • Don't leave your credit card slip behind or toss it into a waste bin.
  • Be careful when you check into a hotel. For a few bucks and a smile, the young man at the front desk will tell the escort the name and details on the room reservation. Is this illegal? Certainly, but who will you attempt to prosecute?

    Do not leave your wallet laying around, or in your pants while you go use the bathroom. A picture of your ID is  taken faster than you take a leak!

Have we given you enough food for thought?

Here is the final one:

 You will communicate with this lady either by voice call or WhatsApp. Many escorts do not answer phone calls with suppressed Caller ID. This means the escort 

When you book an independent escort, use a burner phone or play phone, that is not listed in your name (RICA).

If you want to maximize your discretion and privacy, book via an escort agency that will protect your data. In our case, we always have our security team take the girl on an outcall. Therefore, only our security team has a need to communicate direct with the client. The escort never gets your private data.

Comments ( 2 )

WTF. I think you are doing a disservice to independent escorts!

In reply to by Marina (not verified)

Dear Marina,

Our post is not meant to be a disservice to anyone. Nonetheless, potential escort clients need to understand the risks they have. Safety and discreetness should be the priority for anyone in the industry!

Best Regards,


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