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Female Escorts In Cape Town

Cape Town female escorts  is what we do. It is the only thing we do. We do not work outside of Cape Town. We do not provide male escorts.

Elite Escorts

ESCORTS CAPE TOWN provides elite female escorts in Cape Town. Our agency is happy to provide sensual escorts of any race or colour. Choose between

  • European Escorts
  • Arab Escorts
  • Asian Escorts
  • Black Escorts
  • India Escorts
  • Coloured Escorts
  • White Caucasian Escorts

from our escort profiles

Our agency only provides real, original pictures of every female model. The pictures have not been "photoshopped". The pictures are only cropped to protect the identity of the model.

If you have booked in a timely manner, you will get the Cape Town escorts you chose from our website, delivered to the desired location. She will be exactly as described. If the chosen companion is not available for the desired time window, your booking agent will let you know prior to making the booking. You can then choose an alternative. Our agency does not "bait and switch".


According to South African government statistics, the ethnic and racial composition of Cape Town is:

  • 42.4% "Coloured"
  • 38.6% "Black African"
  • 15.7% "White"
  • 1.4% "Asian or Indian"
  • 1.9% other


As with wine, fine art and other collectibles, rarity and desirability determine the price. The price of companionship with a female escort is determined by race, beauty, physical attributes and desirability. The law of supply and demand applies to companionship too.

The rates and minimum booking are listed in each profile. Longer duration bookings, overnight bookings and weekends have different rates.

We provide elite escorts and call girls in Cape Town for outcall service (your venue, home or hotel) in many upscale suburbs. Outcall rates and travel surcharges apply for call girls. If you are looking for absolute discretion, we recommend choosing incall (we provide the venue) service. Enjoy a road trip and indulge in companionship at a discreet escort venue.

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