You would like to know what the Girlfriend Experience is?

Needless to say, different people have different definitions...

Wikipedia states at

girlfriend experience (GFE) is a commercial experience that blurs the boundaries between a financial transaction and a romantic relationship. It ranges from a transactional sexrelationship[1] to a client paying a sex worker to pretend to be his girlfriend during the session.[2] Within the sex industry, GFE is a common term for a sexual encounter in which both the sex worker and the client are willing to engage in reciprocal sexual pleasure and some degree of emotional intimacy.[3] A "girlfriend experience" generally involves more personal interaction than a traditional call girl or escort offers. There is a focus on not just having sex, but also having more of a comprehensive experience. The details vary widely from person to person.[4] In the field of sex work, sex workers impart a sense of authenticity in order to make the experience more pleasurable for their customer, as well as to make the outcome more lucrative for themselves.[5]Paying for any sexual act, including GFE, is considered to be a form of prostitution regardless of the type of service involved. Because of this the legality of GFE varies from place to place.


Indoor prostitution, which includes the use of massage parlors, saunas, brothelsstrip clubs and escort agencies,[7] is more likely than street prostitution to involve conversation, affection and mutual sexual pleasure.[3]

A GFE may start with dinner at a restaurant followed by making out on the sofa in an apartment and end with non-rushed sex and cuddling. In 2012 the cost of a GFE was typically between £200 and £1,200. Escorts traditionally have a reputation for not kissing their clients[4] and it used to be the norm for legal prostitutes to never kiss on the mouth.

In our Opinion, the above Wikipedia definition is outdated

Society has moved on from these antiquated definitions. Just like Internet Dating and Apps like Tinder or Bumble have drastically altered dating and our view of relationships, the definition of the Girlfriend Experience in society has drastically changed. Unfortunately, the bureaucratic powers-to-be at Wikipedia are just as slow to change as governments and in some countries the law.


Our Definition of the Girlfriend Experience

Escorting is purely about sex. It is a very brief experience, usually lasting an hour or two, and all about physical intimacy. One can have a perfect engagement with an escort from another country, who does not speak one's language.

This is not possible with the Girlfriend Experience. The GFE is first and foremost about companionship, of which communication is the key aspect.

People are lonely. It does not matter how much money they make or how successful they are. We, in fact, believe there is an inverse relationship between money & success and loneliness. The more successful a person is, the more lonely he will be. For good reason the saying is "It is lonely at the top".

In the old days people went and spoke to their doctor. Others talked to their barber. Today many people have their sessions at their shrink.

In our opinion, talking to a Companion is the nicer solution. Both cost money, but one is undoubtedly more attractive than the other. The Girlfriend Experience is an excellent solution for loneliness encountered by the Wealthy and Successful.


The Girlfriend Experience may include sex, but sex is not contracted. The contract is exclusively for the valuable time of the Companion. In this sense, the contract between the parties is similar to a contract with a management consultant. The client pays for the time, experience, creativity and ideas of the consultant or Companion. There is one major difference: As we all know, beautiful things are usually rare. Maybe rare things are considered more beautiful. Be that as it may, rare things are usually more costly or expensive. The same premise applies to Companions. The more beautiful they are, the more rare they will be. One may therefore logically conclude that the more beautiful a companion is, the more desiring people are of her time. Her time will be priced accordingly.

The client may want to have, or even expect sex, but a sexual relationship will always be exclusively at the discretion of the Companion. If the parties enjoy each others company, if there is chemistry, the client and the Companion may engage in a consensual sex relationship.

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