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How To Find An Escort

There are many ways to find an escort. Th question should really be how to find the right escort. Booking a companion through an escort agency is generally the best way. A companion from our agency is not a professional or sex worker, but a lovely amateur escort who is looking for adventure, excitement and an additional income. If you are looking for fabulous adult entertainment, we are happy to make an introduction. Our luxury companions entertain men and couples.

Escort Rates

We only arrange exclusive luxury companions. If you are seeking cheap sex, we are the wrong organization for you. We respectfully suggest you try your luck on Long Street or Voortrekker Road.

The rate or price for every escort are listed in her escort profile.

Minimum Booking

All escorts have a minimum booking. For some escorts this minimum booking is one hour, for others it is two hours or more. This depends on the chosen escort. Please refer to the escort profiles for the minimum booking.


ESCORTS CAPE TOWN do not have a price list for extras!     
You are paying for the time of the companion. In this time, the companion and you do whatever makes the two of you happy. Fantasies come true for those who are respectful, clean and smell nice.


If you have booked in a timely manner, you will have the chosen companion driven to the desired location. She will be exactly as described. If the chosen companion is not available for the desired time window, your booking agent will let you know prior to making the booking. You can then choose an alternative companion. Our team does not 'bait and switch'.

Please do not book a luxury companion, if you cannot afford her or do not intend to follow through with the booking. We will black list you.

Lead Time

Please keep in mind, that the lead time from the moment you proceed and all relevant information has been provided, is generally two (2) hours. This time is needed for the luxury companion to get ready for the date and our team to bring her to the desired location. We will do our best to be there as soon as possible.


Please read our page about escort etiquette before meeting your luxury companion.

Escort Booking

To make an escort booking, WhatsApp or call 074‭ 666 6969‬‬


We typically do not offer massages. If you would like a sensual erotic massage, we recommend the EPICURE CLUB in Hout Bay.


We comply with the POPI Act, the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013. In practice, we go much further. Confidentiality is key in our line of business.

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions apply to every engagement and transaction we engage in.

General Questions

Please email with your inquiry. If you would like to join our team of luxury companions, please see our page become an escort.

Can I pay with US dollars?

In reply to by Jerome (not verified)

Good morning Jerome,

Fundamentally the answer should be 'Money is money'. In practice, the answer in this country is more difficult. Local banks are forced by the South African Reserve Bank to report the origin of foreign currency. This means that converting a clients foreign currency is very difficult for us. We need to prove the origin of the funds and will spend lots of time at the bank. Last but not least, we will get a disadvantageous conversion rate. In practice we easily lose 20-25% in fees, and the rate at which the bank buys the foreign currency. This makes little business sense, so we would have to charge you 25% more to pay in USD.

If you want to be very discreet, we suggest you change money at the airport, when you enter the country. You can also draw local currency at every ATM machine in South Africa. Please keep in mind, that most banks have a limit how much you can draw per day. In most cases that limit will be less than R5000 per transaction, as that is the reporting threshold for the tax authorities.

Most South Africans do not run around with lots of cash, as they fear being mugged. They pay everything with a bank card. We respectfully suggest you do the same when in South Africa. You are welcome to pay us with credit card.


In reply to by Andreas

I see you take credit cards. Do you take American Express?

In reply to by Jerome (not verified)

Alas, no. American Express is not popular in South Africa. The transaction fees are very high.

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